Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority's Sustainability Report For 2019-20


Welcome to the 2019-20 Sustainability Report for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. This annual report affirms our commitment to regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, accountability and transparency in Environmental, Social and Economic performance, in accordance with Airport Authority Policy Section 8.31.  In so doing, we recognize and celebrate our accomplishments, as well as emphasize areas where we can make improvements.

The report is organized in three sections: Economic, Environmental and Social.  The yardsticks for measuring our progress include our Organizational Strategic Plan (OSP), which sets forth our goals and strategies for the next five years; and the Sustainability Management Program (SMP), which provides a framework for tracking how we preserve precious environmental resources.

All of this information is processed through the lens of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to ensure consistency and clarity.

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April Boling
Board Chairman

Kim Becker
President / CEO


They say that sustainability is like a stool that stands on three legs – financial strength, social capital and environmental conservation. More than ever, these three metrics allow the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to function as an enduring and resilient enterprise.

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Leading the Way as a Regional Economic Driver

For nearly a century, San Diego International Airport has been one of the foremost economic drivers in the region, bringing millions of visitors here while providing opportunities for San Diego companies to do business all over the world.

Establishing a Sustainability Imperative

The Airport Authority has long established itself as a leader in the aviation industry by incorporating sustainability into its operations and development. Recognizing that innovation is no longer a choice, but an imperative, the Airport Authority has chosen to further integrate sustainability by identifying seven core elements for inclusion into a detailed Sustainability Management Program (SMP).

Building a Strong and Diverse Talent Pipeline

Building a diverse and robust talent pipeline within the Airport Authority is an essential factor in establishing an employee workforce that is committed and invested in the Airport Authority’s long-term goals and strategies.