A Message From Our Board Chairman & President / CEO

April Boling
Board Chairman

Kim Becker
President / CEO


They say that sustainability is like a stool that stands on three legs – financial strength, social capital and environmental conservation. More than ever, these three metrics allow the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to function as an enduring and resilient enterprise.

Resilience, in particular, is a valued attribute these days. Resilience is defined as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.” At San Diego International Airport, our legacy of sustainability leadership has made us more resilient. It has bolstered our efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and helped to begin the process of restoring our passengers’ confidence in air travel.

Over the years, our resilience has helped us:

  • Build diverse revenue streams and employ a prudent approach to spending
  • Assemble – and retain – an agile, highly engaged workforce
  • Conceive and execute award-winning environmental initiatives that serve as a model for airports around the world.

As an organization, we are defined not only by what we do, but by how we do it, and why we do it. When the pandemic hit, one of the first things we did was activate our Financial Resilience Plan. The plan had been conceived for just this purpose, to serve as a roadmap in case of catastrophe.

Creating the plan involved extensive stress testing, modeling and countless hours of brainstorming. It was a priority for both the Board and staff to have such a plan in place, should we ever need it, to help get us on the right path to recovery.

And despite the name, the Financial Resilience Plan isn’t just about our finances. The plan is really a guiding light for everything we do, helping to navigate this strange new world in which we find ourselves. It’s about finding ways to help the region’s small businesses stay afloat. It’s about providing much-needed relief for the airport’s struggling concessionaires and airlines. And it’s about supporting the more than 9,000 people who rely on the airport for employment.

We are committed to being one of the most sustainable airports in the world, and that commitment is helping us bounce back from one of the worst public health crises in modern times. This is our resilience story.