Social Performance

Environmental Performance

1A04: Quality of Storm Water by Applicable Regulatory Standards
2A05: Ambient Air Quality According to Pollutant Concentration by Regulatory Regime
3A06: Aircraft and Pavement De-icing/Anti-icing Fluid Used and Treated
4AO7: People Residing in Areas Affected by Noise †
5EN3: Energy Consumption within the Organization †
6EN6: Reduction of Energy Consumption †
7EN8: Total Water Withdrawn From the Municipal Water Supply †
8EN13: Habitats Protected or Restored
9EN15, EN16, EN17, EN19: Greenhouse Gas Emissions
10EN23: Waste by Type & Waste by Disposal Method
11EN24: Significant Spills

Economic Performance

1EC1: Direct Economic Value Generated and Distributed
2EC4: Significant Financial Assistance Received from Government
3AO1: Passengers by Origin & Destination/Transfer †
4AO1: Passengers by International/Domestic
5AO2: Annual Aircraft Movements †
6AO3: Cargo Tonnage
7EC7: Development and Impact of Infrastructure Investments and Services Supported
8EC9: Proportion of Spending on Local Suppliers at Significant Locations of Operation