Gil Cabrera
Board Chair

Kim Becker
President / CEO


What a difference a year makes! This time last year, our terminals were quiet with more than two-thirds of our passengers staying home. Today, passengers are returning to the skies in significant numbers and the path forward for air travel recovery is coming into focus.

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Welcome to the 2020-21 Sustainability Report for the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority the managing organization of San Diego International Airport (SAN). Each year, we re-affirm our commitment to sustainability through a rigorous review of regulatory compliance, continuous improvement, accountability and transparency in Environmental, Social and Economic performance, in accordance with Airport Authority Policy Section 8.31.

This year’s report traces our journey from the early months of the pandemic when resilience was the watchword, to the early signs of recovery and a healthier, safer future for the region.

This report is organized in three sections: Economic, Environmental and Social. The yardsticks for measuring our progress include our Organizational Strategic Plan (OSP), which sets forth our goals and strategies for the next five years; and the Sustainability Management Program (SMP), which provides a framework for tracking how we preserve precious environmental resources.

All of this information is processed through the lens of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to ensure consistency and clarity.

To learn more about the Airport Authority’s Sustainability Policy, click here.

Social Sustainability

We promote equality, diversity, connectedness, and a good quality of life for our employees and the community at-large. Our organization strives to exceed our customers’ expectations by introducing innovative service and facility enhancements.

Economic Sustainability

San Diego International Airport generates over $12 billion in annual economic impact for the region and directly provides over 7,000 jobs. Our organization strives to grow and efficiently manage capacity for future demand, both landside and airside, including international facilities.

Environmental Sustainability

We aim to operate our airport in a safe, secure, and environmentally sound manner that reduces our impact on the natural world. We do this by implementing our Sustainability Management Program (SMP) which is one of the initiatives listed within our Organizational Strategic Plan (OSP).